Why Join the Men's Club

The objective of the Good Shepherd Catholic Community Men's Club is to unite all men of the parish to reach out in fellowship by enriching and deepening the religious and social character of its members, and reflecting the ideals given to us by Christ.  As we work together in support of the parish family, the Men's Club desires to promote programs designed to improve the spiritual and the social well being of all members of the parish.  

Men's Club Membership

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Staff Contact:  Amy Silva-Adams, 817-421-1387, Ext. 224 

Ministry Lead (President):  Bob Eilenfeldt

We invite all men of the parish 18 and older to join the Men's Club. The Men’s Club is a Spiritual, Social and Service organization within GSCC that promotes the values of our parish and supports Holy Trinity Tuition Assistance fund, Nolan High School tuition assistance and College Scholarships for GSCC graduating seniors.

The club is a great way to meet other men of the parish, benefit our youth, the parish, and the community, and to enjoy a "night out with the guys" once a month. 

Men’s Club Next Meeting

Monday, October 16

6:30 p.m.

Parish Hall

Speaker:  David Baldwin

Topic:  A Dramatic Presentation of the Sermon on the Mount

Brief Description:

The Greek and Roman empires lasted for centuries and no one would deny that those civilizations have had a profound influence on history and continue to reverberate in our culture today. In the midst of Greek and Roman society, in an obscure corner of the world, Jesus spoke for less than 30 minutes in his “Sermon on the Mount”. How is it that those few words have more powerfully impacted history than all the centuries of Greco-Roman culture combined? There can be no explanation other that that of the Roman centurion who stood at the foot of the cross when Jesus died, “Surely this man was the Son of God!”

David's Bio:

Presenting the Bible word-for-word in universities, churches, Sunday schools, retreats, and many other venues, David brings the Scriptures to life. People are struck by the power of God's Word as they hear it presented in fresh new ways. Always faithful to reflect the true meaning of the text, David delivers the Bible in a lively, engaging fashion that's approachable for modern audiences.

For his day job, David travels the country teaching software classes.  He recently published his first book, Mastering Tableau, which is available on Amazon.

Executive Committee 

Bob Eilenfeldt
Rick Self
Vice President
Steve Landon
Eric McIlrath


The Committee Heads for 2017/18 are:

Chaplain – David Brockman

Speakers - Open

Social   - John Furin

Membership -  Open

Casino Night - Pat Kempf, Larry Landry, Tom Schreck

Fish Fry - Jim Leonard 

Meeting Dinners - Tony Dominiec

Endowment – Pat Horn

Communication – Josh Markham