Frequently Asked questions

Q:  What is RCIA? 

A:  A process to introduce the teachings of the Catholic Church to individuals who wish to learn more about Catholicism including the opportunity to become a member of the Catholic Church. 

Q:  How do I sign up for RCIA? 

A:  To sign up, contact Father Ron at 817-421-1387 ext. 221 or You can also leave your contact information with the parish office and Father Ron will contact you. 

Q:  When and where are the RCIA sessions held? 

A:  The RCIA sessions are held each Monday night in the parish center from 7:00 PM to approximately 9:00 PM. 

Q:  What is the format of the sessions? 

A:  The sessions typically begin with food and hospitality, followed by prayer, teaching, questions and answers, and small group discussion. 

Q:  What is the cost for attending RCIA? 

A:  Good Shepherd Catholic Community provides all that is needed. There is no cost to you to attend RCIA. 

Q:  May I bring my spouse/fiance to the sessions? 

A:  Yes. We strongly encourage your spouse/fiance to attend the sessions with you. 

Q:  If I have been baptized in another church, do I need to be baptized again? 

A:  In most cases, you do NOT need to be baptized again. The Catholic Church requires that you were baptized with water, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We will request a copy of your baptismal certificate or other proof of baptism from the church where you were baptized. Proof of baptism may include a church letter, a membership record indicating that you were baptized, etc. 

Q:  I was told I need a sponsor who is a baptized and confirmed Catholic and is in good standing in the Catholic Church and who will attend the sessions with me. What if I don’t know anyone who could do that? 

A:  Don’t worry. We have people who volunteer to fulfill the sponsor role. They will attend the sessions with you. 

Q:  Can a Catholic attend to learn more about their faith? 

A:  Yes, all are invited.