Scripture Studies

Women Growing
in Faith

The Prophets: Messengers of God's Mercy

January 8 - March 26, 2019  |  9:30 - 11:00am

Shepherd Center - Upstairs Rooms

Cost: $24.95 (plus shipping)

If we consider that God is the Divine Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride, then the prophets can be seen as “spiritual marriage counselors.”  They afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, calling us to return to our covenant relationship with God.  They urge us to repentance, warn us of the dangers of sin, and announce the blessings of faithfulness.  Their prophetic words speak to us even today, as they draw us closer to our heavenly Bridegroom.

Each week, you will come to know a prophet from Scripture and learn how his message sheds light on our faith and our lives.  In getting to know these messengers of God, you will read Scripture and the Catechism, while answering thought-provoking questions and powerful reflections.  Plus, you will learn practical ways to apply the messages of the prophets in your own life. 


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Tuesday Evening Scripture Study

Those "Extra" Books in the Catholic Bible: Why They Matter

Tuesdays starting January 15, 2019  |  7:00 - 8:30pm

Rooms 4 & 5

Registration cost: $20

This class will be led by Professor Gene Giuliano.

Most Catholics know that the Catholic Bible contains Old Testament books that are not included in the Protestant Bible. Perhaps we don’t give these writings much thought except when the subject of the difference between the biblical canons arises. Yet, most Christians agree that these books are valuable because they were written during the last two centuries before the birth of Christ. Therefore, they offer insight into Jewish history and thought shortly before and during the time of New Testament events and thus provide important background to the New Testament. Fragments of these important texts can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and they continue to impact our Catholic faith and our understanding of the bible today. Join us and learn the special stories behind these books, which make the Catholic Bible unique and comprehensive.

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Scripture Study

The Bible Timeline is currently in session (Sept. 11 - Apr. 9)
Questions? Please contact  Colleen Whitlock

Wednesday Morning Scripture Study

The Nicene Creed:  Its History, Theology and Continuing Importance for the Church

Wednesdays, starting January 30, 2019  |  10:00 - 11:30am

Parish Hall

Registration cost: $20

This class will be led by Professor Jim McGill. 

Any questions, please call or email Colleen Whitlock at 817-421-1387.

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Thursday Evening Scripture Study & Theology

The Life and Writing of St. Paul

Thursdays beginning February 21  |  7:00 - 8:30pm

GSCC's Upper Room

This class will be led by:  Scott Decker

We will begin with a discussion of his early life as a persecutor, the Damascus Road incident and his time before his journeys.  We will discuss his missionary work found in the last half of the book of Acts as supplemented by further information found in his Epistles.  We will discuss the 13 books of the Pauline corpus covering the dating, audience and primary concerns.  Finally, we will cover St. Paul’s theology and its place in the Catholic church.

Any questions, please call or email Colleen Whitlock, 817-421-1387.

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Walking with Purpose
(For Women)

Do you desire to grow in your Catholic faith?  Do you seek connection with other women in our parish community? We invite you to consider joining Walking with Purpose this fall at Good Shepherd Catholic Community. 

Weekly group sessions are starting on Tues, Sept 25 from 7 - 9pm in the Parish Hall and runs Sept 25 - April 30.

Opening Your Heart, our foundational study, is designed for women new to Walking with Purpose whether or not you have any Bible study experience; you are welcome as you are to learn how the Scriptures apply to our everyday lives.

Walking with Purpose transforms the hearts and lives of women by providing Bible studies that enable women to know Christ through Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To register, please contact Colleen Whitlock at 

Child care is available by reserving your spot one week prior to class.