Catholic Scripture Study, Inc

Begins -  Thursday, September 13, 2018

Topic:  The Gospel of Mark

Thursdays at 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (28 weeks)

Upper Room (New Building)

Registration Coming Soon!

Child care is available by reserving your spot one week prior to class.  

Catholic Scripture Study (CSS)

CSS is a wonderful way to really come to know the Bible and to make it relevant in your daily life.  Personal study, sharing and lecture will be included.  CSS hopes that through your study of Scripture you will expand your knowledge of Holy Scripture, develop a deeper understanding of your faith, attain a more meaningful and closer relationship with God and enrich your life. Come and see how the message of the Pentateuch still reveals to us today the great love of God.  

This program was written by a very dedicated Catholic Nun, Sister Marie Therese Wright SSMN, under the doctrinal guidance of theologically qualified Catholic university professors. It was written as a doctrinal based Roman Catholic Scripture Study for adults meeting weekly in discussion groups and was patterned after Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), a very successful non-denominational Bible Study program. Which is  easily adapted to a junior/senior high school.

When you study Scripture, you will find the words are alive with God's provision for a more fruitful life. The assigned Scripture reading with questions will help build a background of knowledge of Bible principles. Each week as you share answers with your discussion group, you will find a growing fellowship with the other members. The notes and lecture provide further understanding. If you find passages that are difficult to understand, feel free to ask your facilitator and/or priest about those verses.