November 11 at 12:30pm in the Church

Overview of the Good Shepherd Usher Ministry

Because of the nature of their service, Ushers should bring to their ministry a strong sense of community. They are church-builders ... A prerequisite for those aspiring to quality service in the role of ushers is the commitment to Christ living in his Church, together with a deep sense of being instruments of the community appointed to assist its growth in the spirit of Jesus.  “Yours is the first of Christ’s faces to greet God’s people as they assemble for prayer ” 

Requirements/Responsibilities of the Usher Role

  • Ushers must be 14 years of age and be Safe Environment Trained.  Younger ushers may be allowed if they work at the same mass as a parent.  
  • Ushers support a safe and welcoming environment to parishioners and visitors by performing the following:  
    • Before/During Mass - assists parishioners as necessary 
    • Ushering the assembly to available seats
    • Taking attendance
    • Assist with collection
    • Assist/guide assembly to communion, including determining if anyone with special needs requires communion to be brought to them in the pew where they are seated
    • Distribute bulletins after mass

Usher Training

  • Annual training is offered; however, the preferred method of training is by “shadowing” an usher at a mass.  Lead ushers will help facilitate this for the new usher and determine when they are ready to usher on their own
  • Already an usher and want to be a lead usher?  Talk with your lead usher or contact Ken Kempker

Ministry Scheduler Pro Scheduling Program

The scheduling of ushers is completed electronically through the Ministry Scheduler Pro online program. Ushers may enter one or more preferred Mass times as well as “not available” dates. Schedules are created once a quarter in light of the preferred Mass times and “not available” dates. For unexpected schedule conflicts, the program also supports substitutions. Once all training has been completed and required information has been submitted, new ushers will receive an email with a password and user name to the Ministry Scheduler Pro program.  As a convenience, here is the link to Ministry Scheduler Pro.


Staff Contact:  Diane Kain, 817-421-1387, Ext. 217 

Ministry Lead:  Ken Kempker

Interested in becoming an Usher?  Click here to get started!