Finance Council


This is an advisory body governed by charter that meets monthly to advise and assist  the pastor.

Council members with experience in business, finance or economics are eligible to be  appointed by the pastor. This council advises the pastor on all financial matters: reviews the monthly parish accounts, approves the annual parish budget, and reviews reports on finance meetings at Holy Trinity Catholic School. Council members also advise the pastor on cash-flow needs and our savings account, proposed maintenance projects, site development projects and capital expenditure projects, whether short or long-term. In addition, the council  provides direction regarding financial stewardship of the parish as well as diocesan and parish financial campaigns. Decisions are reserved to the Pastor. 

New Members Needed
If you are interested in this appointed position, please click here to find out more about the council. In addition, the council has a staggered membership requirement with members committing to serve a three-year term. After reading the information and prayerful consideration, if you are  interested or have questions, please submit your resume to Donna Campbell.

Members of the Parish Finance Council:

Secretary:    Donna Campbell

Members:  Dan Feeney, Kevin Isbell, Ron Johansson, Ken Kempker, Lon Kile and Mary Kelly.