Marriage Sponsor Couple

Marriage sponsor couples are trained to "journey with" engaged couples as they prepare for the life-long commitment of Christian marriage. Sponsor couples provide a working example of what it takes to achieve a lifelong marriage. The engaged couple meets for 4-5 sessions in the home of the sponsor couple using the guide from the program "Fully Engaged".

All married couples of Good Shepherd are invited to join the Marriage Sponsor Ministry. As a Marriage Sponsor Couple you have the opportunity to share in the preparation process for Engaged Couples who are aspiring to the Sacrament of Matrimony. We become partners with the Priest / Deacon & Staff in creating the journey to the understanding of the vocation of Marriage. John Paul II said that “the Catholic Church must do more to encourage lasting marriages. While many couples today have a clear understanding of the secular nature of marriage some appear to lack a proper understanding of the intrinsically religious dimension of this covenant. Modern society rarely pays heed to the permanent nature of marriage. In fact, the attitude toward marriage found in contemporary culture demands that the church seek to offer better premarital instruction.

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Ministry Lead: Kathy Hy