There is a Small Church Community that is a perfect fit for you! Small Church Communities are made up of 8 - 12 people of like age and family status, who meet twice a month to pray, learn more about the Catholic teachings, share faith experiences, provide support to each other, and reach out to others through service initiatives.

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What is a Small Church Community (SCC)

A Small Church Community is a small group of 8-12 adults (sometimes families) who gather regularly to connect their faith with everyday life. The early Christians gathered in small groups, most frequently in a home. That experience allowed a deep sharing of faith and life. Today, SCCs facilitate that sharing in the presence of trusted friends. Relationships are formed in which sharing, listening, and genuine communication are nurtured. The sharing of faith leads to action on behalf of others.

The purpose of a Small Church Community is to help the participants make strong connections between their faith and their everyday life. 

Why do Small Church Communities exist?

For FELLOWSHIP with other parishioners as well as for MUTUAL SUPPORT during one's life journey.

For LEARNING to help take a more intelligent look at their faith and the world around them.

For FAITH SHARING and the connections between Scripture and Church teaching and discernment of Gospel responses appropriate to the concrete situations of life.

For PRAYER, recognizing the centrality of God's active presence in each member's life and in the life of the community.

For ACTION, working for compassion, justice, reconciliation and peace within the group, in the family, in the workplace and in the neighborhood.

The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. –Acts 2:42  

Who belongs to Small Church Communities?

Most Small Church Communities are diverse in membership with single and married, young, middle-age and older people coming together to share faith and life. The richness of diversity reflected when we gather for parish-wide Liturgy is mirrored in the makeup of Small Church Communities. 

Who leads a Small Church Community?

A pastoral leader volunteer who is at the service of the other members in their SCC, helping them relate to each other, and keeping the group true to its purpose. The pastoral leader need not be the wisest, holiest, or most articulate person in the group. He/she is also not the problem solver, not the counselor, and not the teacher. The pastoral leader is often the facilitator of the meetings, but not necessarily if there are other members who wish to facilitate. Sometimes the host of a meeting also facilitates. 

Where and how often do Small Church Communities meet?

Most Small Church Communities gather in homes twice monthly on a day or evening of their choice. Members of the SCC take turns hosting the meetings at their homes.  

Group Covenant
SCC Resources
Recommended Resources for Learning and Faith Sharing

Responding to the Word – found in the GSCC Bulletin; source: Sunday Missal

Celebrating The Word – emailed weekly, as a link in the SCC e-Newsletter (Sep – June)

The Sunday Website of Saint Louis University -


Why Catholic? Journey Through The Catechism

Source: Renew International, 

The Faith Series – The Spirit of Faith, Deepening Faith, Empowering Faith, Faith In Action

Source: Paulist Evangelization Ministries;


Heart to Heart with God, Six Ways to Empower Your Prayer Life(Ralph Torrelli)

Source: The Word Among Us Keys to the Bible;

The Joy of the Gospel (Pope Francis); Study Guide included for Reflection & Discussion

Source: The Word Among Us Press;

Rediscovering the Heart of a Disciple (Edward Sri); Questions for Reflection included
Source: Our Sunday Visitor;

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic (Matthew Kelly); Book with Chapter Summaries for Discussion

Magnetic Christianity, Using Your God-Given Gifts to Build the Kingdom (Gus Lloyd); Book and Questions for Reflection

Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission, 5 Steps to Winning the War Within (John R. Wood); Book and Application for each Step

Falling Upward, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life (Richard Rohr); Book and Study Guide

The Lamb’s Supper, The Mass as Heaven on Earth (Scott Hahn); Book and Study Guide

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper (Brant Pitre, Preface by Scott Hahn); Book

Recommended Resources for Learning and Faith Sharing (continued)


Priest, Prophet, King DVD Study Program (Rev. Robert Barron)

Source: Word on Fire;

Eucharist DVD Study Program (Rev. Robert Barron)

Source: Word on Fire;

Catholicism DVD Study Program (Rev. Robert Barron)

Source: Word on Fire;

A Quick Journey Through the Bible (Jeff Cavins) – 8-Part Intro to the Bible Timeline

Sources: Ascension Press;

The Great Adventure;

Symbolon, The Catholic Faith Explained (Augustine Institute)



33 Days to Morning Glory Book, DVD Set and Retreat Companion

Source: Marian Press, Hearts Afire;

Contact for Consecration Lending Library: Ellen Lopez, through Donna Campbell, GSCC staff


Resources such as Catholicism, Symbolon, Beloved, Lectio, YDisciple, Lighthouse Catholic Media
Audio Talks, Ignatius Press E-Books and Movies
Source: Parish Access Code: 981586

Staff Contact:  Donna Campbell, 817-421-1387