Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Movement

THE BLESSED MOTHER WANTS TO VISIT YOU! Are you willing to give her a place in your home once a month? The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Movement is an apostolate within the Schoenstatt Movement. Mary wants to carry Jesus into our homes, serve our needs and intercede for miracles in our lives. She knows we all cannot travel easily to the great pilgrimage places like Fatima, Mexico, Lourdes, etc. Therefore, her motherly concern for us and her devotion to Christ urge her to COME TO US. She wants to make our homes islands of grace and sanctuaries in the midst of the world.

Be a part of a group of people (usually 6-8) who are willing to commit to welcoming Our Lady of Schoenstatt into their homes on a regular rotation for at least one year (can be longer). The Pilgrim Shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt with baby Jesus in the shape of the Schoenstatt Shrine travels from member to member of a rotation during the course of approximately six weeks. The members of each rotation for the Pilgrim Shrine honor Mary by praying the rosary daily during the time of her monthly visit. They entrust their petitions to Mary’s care, experience her blessings, and thank her for her intercession. She specifically brings the graces of a spiritual home, inner transformation and apostolic zeal. Each group has a coordinator to schedule these visits and help ensure safe travel for the pilgrimage of our Mother Thrice Admirable. Are you ready to offer her shelter on her Journey of Love?

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Ministry Lead: Daniella D'Souza

Staff Contact: Parish Office, 817-421-1387