Spiritual Adoption

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, a beloved priest and gifted preacher, encouraged the faithful to pray for and spiritually adopt an unborn baby who is in danger of abortion. We now have a spiritual adoption program here at Good Shepherd Catholic Community! During each month of the program, the "spiritual parents" are given information about their baby's development in the womb in the weekly bulletin. While this child will remain unknown to his or her “spiritual parent,” God knows who the child is.

Our Blessed Mother will be our patroness as we pray for all babies who are in danger of abortion, especially our own spiritually adopted babies. When our campaign ends in October, we will collect donations of baby items such as diapers, clothing, bottles, and wipes. All of these items will then be donated to ​Gabriel Project, a pregnancy help program here and throughout the Fort Worth diocese.

Please join us in this spiritual adoption prayer campaign for moms and their unborn babies. Click here to sign up​ 

Many people have found that naming “their child” helps to keep them focused on the reality that their prayers are helping to save a particular baby from the harm of abortion.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have in any battle, including the defense of God’s most precious gift—Life! Thank you for your attention and for your dedication to the most innocent and defenseless among us: the unborn.


Keep an eye on the bulletin for these monthly updates on the developing baby!
(Used with permission from dosp.org/life) 

One Month

Your spiritually adopted baby has been quite active over the past month. Already your baby is 10,000 times bigger than at conception. Your baby has developed the foundations of his brain, spinal cord, and nervous system by the 20th day. His heart began to beat on the 21st day and is pumping blood though its own circulatory system. The blood type can be different from the mother’s. Your baby is most vulnerable during the next month of being aborted. Pray that the Lord of Life might move the heart of his mother to give him the most precious gift of all – the gift of life.

Two Months

Your baby is making progress developing all of her external features and internal organs. Her brain is functioning at 40 days. Her mother can hear her heartbeat now on an ultrasonic stethoscope. Her milk teeth buds are present at 6 ½ weeks. And it has been reported that a two-month old baby can suck her thumb. From this moment onward, your spiritually adopted baby grows and refines her body. But everything she needs to survive once she is born is already present by the end of the eighth week.

Three Months

Your baby is quite active in the womb now – although his mother won’t feel him for another couple of months. If his mother’s womb had a window, you could watch your spiritually adopted baby squint, swallow, and move his tongue. He can make a tight fist if you touch his palm. He obtains the oxygen his body needs through the umbilical cord. The baby you are praying for weighs one ounce. What a miracle he is!

Four Months

Well your little baby now weighs 6 ounces. She has fingernails and eyelashes. She has her own unique fingerprints which will remain unchanged until she dies. Her taste buds are working. Her sense of hearing is present at 14 weeks. There are no major bodily developments anymore. Your spiritually adopted baby is already well-formed, internally and externally. All she needs now is time to gain weight and grow strong.

Five Months

Your spiritually adopted baby weighs over one pound now. His mother can feel him moving now. Before he was too small for her to feel. Although he swam with ease in his watery world, he needed to be big and strong enough to kick hard against the outside uterine wall and dent it – the inside wall of the uterus has no feeling. We are mid-way through the pregnancy now. Your prayers have helped your baby’s mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.

Six Months

Your spiritually adopted baby is growing quite beautifully now. Her weight is approaching 2 pounds. Babies born prematurely at this time have a very good chance of surviving. The medical advances in caring for extremely small newborn infants are extraordinary indeed. Each passing year, we witness medical advances that allow our medical professionals to save younger and younger premature infants.

Seven and Eight Months

You’re in the home stretch with your spiritually adopted baby. He is completely formed, and has been since 8 weeks. All he is doing now is gaining weight – and making his mother uncomfortable with his size. But she’s not worried now. In a short time, her baby will be born. She has planned to bring him home or place him for adoption. Either way, she knows she can receive the assistance she needs from people like you and from the crisis pregnancy centers. Your baby’s mother appreciates the prayers you have said for her and her baby throughout the pregnancy. It hasn’t been easy, but your prayers have given her grace to seek the help she needs.

Happy Birthday

Your spiritually adopted baby was born this month – nine months after her mother conceived her. The only change at birth is a change in the external life support system of the baby. She is no different now than she was before birth except that she breathes and eats differently. She is truly a miracle. She began as a 46 chromosome cell and has developed over the past nine months into this unique human baby. Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone exist who is just like your spiritually adopted baby. You may never meet the mother and baby but your prayers saved his life.

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