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The Tribunal Ministry of Good Shepherd works closely with the Diocese of Fort Worth to support parishioners who have been previously married.  Grounded in the teaching of the Catholic Church, our ministry is one of healing and reconciliation in a spirit of compassion and confidentiality.

All who share in this ministry commit themselves to mutual support and professional development in canon law and pastoral practice. ​

Tribunal Advocates to assist and support you through the process

 Deborah Petasky, Tribunal Advocate


About Our Annulment Support Ministry
  • People who have questions regarding their position in the Catholic Church after a civil divorce.
  • Individuals who are seeking information about an annulment for themselves.
  • Civilly married couples who would like their marriage validated as a Sacrament by the Catholic Church.
The Annulment Process 

The process begins with an initial meeting, during which information about the annulment process (Declaration of Invalidity) including definitions, reasons for seeking annulment and Tribunal involvement are shared. The tribunal advocate helps the divorced person fill out the initial application and offers support during the annulment process.

Validity of Marriage
A marriage may be declared invalid if something is lacking in any one of these five areas  at the time of consent.
  • The form of the marriage (this pertains only to Catholics and their exchange of vows in the presence of a priest or deacon unless a dispensation was received)
  • The freedom of the parties
  • The capacity of individuals for entering into marriage
  • The individual’s knowledge of marriage and each other
  • The intention of the parties when entering into marriage
Reaching Out to Divorced Catholics
  • Divorced Catholics are not excommunicated
  • Divorced Catholics may receive the Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Divorced Catholics are full members of the Catholic Church and can participate fully in the life of the Church.
  • Children will not be illegitimate if a Catholic is granted an annulment (Declaration of Invalidity).
  • An annulment must be granted on the previous marriage before a divorced Catholic can remarry in the Catholic Church.

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Staff Contact: Deborah Petasky, 817-421-1387