Dear Good People of Good Shepherd:

We invite you to use this page as a resource for your discernment, during Lent and beyond, as you explore and pray over the ways you can use your unique talents and gifts to contribute to our parish household. Whether you give a lot or a little; and whether you share your time, treasure, or talent; please know you are a welcomed and vital member of our parish family. Any way you share of yourself fortifies and builds up our house for years to come. 

We stand beside Fr. Mike, Fr. John Mark, Fr. Zack, and the rest of our parish leadership to support you in your journey to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ in our community. We pray that you are inspired this Lenten season to deepen your engagement in our beloved parish household.

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

The Good Shepherd Catholic Community Stewardship Committee
Fr. Mike Ciski, Pastor; Bob Parra, Chair
Donna Campbell, Bob Eilenfeldt, Dan Feeney, Donna Furin, Lisa Goodwin, Ray Matteson, John Murphy, Victoria Nelson, Erin Rackel

Letter from Our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am pleased to present Good Shepherd Catholic Community’s 2024 State of the Parish report. In this report, we share statistics and accomplishments illustrating a snapshot of parish life from 2023. I also want to take this opportunity to announce our parish’s focus for 2024 on discipleship and one of its fruits, stewardship.

As you’ll read here, 2023 was a significant year for our parish. I began my service as shepherd of this flock, and together we hosted a multitude of events, experienced many sacraments, and celebrated the 30th anniversary of our parish community and the 20th anniversary of our worship space.

Our parish is made up of much more than leaders, events, and sacraments, though. It consists of every single person who is a member of our parish family, whether or not that person entered our church building this past year. Each parishioner is a steward of the parish house and is therefore responsible for its upkeep and care, truly making our house a spiritual home. Stewardship is often an intimidating word, but here I want to explore what it really means for our parish - and for you.

God's words to St. Francis of Assisi, "Go and Rebuild My House," continue to guide our parish into 2024 and beyond as we build our house together through deeper involvement in spiritual life and ministries. The meaning of “Go and Rebuild My House” extends far beyond our recent capital campaign or the upkeep or improvement of our buildings and grounds. Francis did begin to rebuild churches with stone and mortar, but then came to the realization that he was to build up the community, the people of God. Likewise, we are called by Jesus to invest in our parish through giving of time, treasure, and talent - through participation in parish life as individuals and families.  read more....

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